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“BIG BOAT” | 36 Passenger Boat

This is the party boat you are looking for. Brand new, just built in 2018. Click here for more info

40' Power Boat view from above

Boat Rental Chicago | 40 Ft of Cruising

From this view of our 40′ cruiser, you can see how much space there is both on the bow (the area forward of the windshield), and in the party deck (the large seating area for more than your group of up to 11 at the back of the boat). Whether you want to stretch out on the bow or in the party deck, or just party with friends, this boat has more space than any other in its class.

In the river

In the river

The party deck has a huge seating area. The space is so huge we had to use a fish-eye lens to get most of it in the picture. This winter we updated the party deck with new flooring and electronics/stereo system (picture to be updated this spring). The swim platform is reached from a large walk-through gate at the back of the deck. There is also a removable table for drinks/snacks that your captain/crew will set up or remove for you as desired.

The bow provides a huge area for large groups to enjoy together. There is plenty of space for the entire group to get some rays or just enjoy the ride. The picture here was taken during a late afternoon cruise through the Chicago River. For maximum safety and convenience, the bow can be accessed through the inside of the boat through our custom built permanent ladder and over-sized hatch. The custom access allows our guests to avoid the precarious walk around the narrow outer walkway that you find on power boats.

skyline-day-800-353Cruise along the Chicago shoreline in this 40′ power boat, and then head to the playpen, or into the river for a great view of the river front architecture. With plenty of space for large groups, and more fridge and cooler space then you can imagine, this is the perfect yacht for a day on the water.